Welcome To PrintScan

Making Impressions Around the Whorl!

FBI Background Checks

Printscan submits background checks and fingerprints directly to the FBI

Ink Fingerprinting

We offer a wide array of fingerprinting services to customers worldwide

On Site Mobile Fingerprinting

Let PrintScan come to your location and handle any of your services requested

Live Scan Sales

Printscan offers a variety of hardware and software available to buy

Welcome To PrintScan

Making impressions around the whorl!

PrintScan Services


Ink fingerprinting, Live Scans, background screenings and other identity management services are used by different organizations for a variety of reasons.

From the FBI to volunteer groups, these services are used as comprehensive means to confirm identity and ensure compliance with guidelines or standards. When you require these services, turn to PrintScan. Our experienced ink and digital fingerprinting company can satisfy many needs and conduct these services in a fast, friendly manner.
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Ink Fingerprinting

Ink Fingerprinting

Traditional ink fingerprinting

remains one of the most commonly

requested services at PrintScan.

We Stock FD-258 (Blue & White)

and FINRA Fingerprint cards

at all of our offices!


FINRA Fingerprinting

FINRA Fingerprinting

PrintScan is 1 of 13 authorized

electronic fingerprinting

FINRA vendors. We can submit fingerprints to FINRA both

electronically or through

traditional ink fingerprint cards!

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Mobile On Site

Mobile On-Site Fingerprinting

Our professional fingerprinting technicians can come to you, anywhere in the world!


FBI Fingerprinting

FBI Fingerprinting

Approved FBI Fingerprint Channeling Services. Results typically within hours! Services available for U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, and non U.S. Citizens!


Florida Fingerprinting

Florida (FDLE) Fingerprinting

PrintScan is a Florida (FDLE)

Approved Live Scan service provider.

We can submit electronically

from any of our locations!


Fingerprint Card Conversion

Card Conversions

PrintScan utilizes advanced

scanning technology to convert traditional ink fingerprint cards

into electronic fingerprint


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FBI Report Apostille

FBI Apostilles & Authentications

PrintScan's FBI Apostille Certification & Authentication service processes your FBI report directly with the

US Department of State at your convenience!

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Fingerprint Archiving

Fingerprint Archiving

PrintScan’s exclusive Fingerprint Archiving service is available for individuals and businesses with frequent fingerprint requirements. Safe and Secure!


Identity Guard

Identity Guard

Your Digital and Financial Identity

is constantly at risk.

Let Identity Guard® help

protect you and your family!

Who We Serve

We offer our services to a variety of customers in our locations as well as mobile on site services.

Government Agencies

General Public

Private Sector

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